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Northwest Furniture Service, Inc. Gallery
Here are some examples of our latest work and Customer Comments
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​                       Customer Comments

 This company is wonderfull they took my tried old doors off my cabinets sent them to the "wood spa" for a week and before you knew it they turned my kitchen into scene from ET where it is all covered in Plastic Tarps. Then the great reveal-TA-DA Kitchen Wonderful ! The cabinets look beter than new! Pictures posted next week when I get every thing off the floor and back into my New cabinets!   
                     Adrianne Caraher Watrobka

          Customer Comment

 I have worked with Jerry Jr. and Jerry Sr. 3x and find their ideas innovative, and their work ethic without question. One two separate occasions, Jerry Jr. has made impossibly perfect matches on color, shade, and finish, so that something 30yrs old, is indistinguishable beside something that is brand new. Jerry has also helped me with other projects related to, but not primary to his business theme. He has again shown his creativity, and his patience. I appreciate very much the professional manner in which Jerry conducts his business
                   Garnet Bremner 
                   GO GREEN WITH
       Before Repair                          After Repair 
         Before                                             After
               Before                                After
            Before                               After
            Before                                     After
          Before                            After
​                  After
 Entry door before and after- Looks brand new!!
     Hotel Restorations and Touch Up- Chicago
  Antique Restoration